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Meet the Massage Therapist

Michelle Taylor began her journey to wellness in 2000, after she underwent surgery to partially remove a few discs in her back.  After recovery, she began her own regimen of stretching and massage in an effort to avoid further surgical interventions.  This combination of massage, stretching, nutrition and awareness of body mechanics not only helped Michelle avoid further surgeries and drastically reduce pain, but set her on the road to a career change. 

After 23 yrs in the engineering and construction field she became a cert. aroma-touch masseuse through Doterra in 2017. Soon after, she decided to pursue her dream of helping others through natural health advocacy by pursuing a Massage Therapy Certification.  She graduated in June of 2018 and is trained in therapeutic massage, hot stone massage, prenatal massage and aroma-touch. 

She loves helping others resolve their pain naturally, without surgery or medications and to learn to enjoy their lives again.